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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Muslims Vandalize Holy Places

I remember well walking through the streets of Varanasi, India in 1991 when there were deadly riots between hindus and muslims.

Muslims were killing hindus, hindus were killing muslims in revenge . . . martial law was declared and the only living beings you saw on the streets were police, backpack travellers and cows. We had a bicycle taxi driver who tried to brave events on our behalf - but the police beat him with their canes and he ran off. Twice we almost ended up in the actual riots, with broken bricks and pavement falling everywhere and people scattering. People shuttered up in their houses whistled at us and yelled . . . something.

And what was the cause of this violence? The mosque at Ayodha, which muslims had built over the legendary birthplace of Rama.

We are supposed to respect Islam's traditions and symbols, when Islam has shown zero respect for that of others? When Islam goes out of its way to destroy and defile holy sites and sacred items of other faiths?

I don't recall buddhists ever opening up a mortar attack on any mosques, but the Taliban decided to do a little artillery practice on the cave statues at Bamiyan, Afghanistan, trying their hand at being curators of a world cultural and religious treasure.

And don't you dare utter a christian prayer aloud or attend a christian service in Saudi Arabia.

In fact, if you don't practice the right kind of Islam, you could be a muslim and still get killed over this stuff.

Let them all get 'angry' over the Newsweak misinformation (lies? I wouldn't go that far). Muslim anger is a plentiful commodity. This just makes it, what, jihad #2455 against me just because I am an american who has the nerve to exist? Death to the Great Satan and all that? Loses some of its effect, after a while.

As usual, linked to Mudville Gazette and Outside The Beltway, and thanks again!

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