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Friday, April 29, 2005

Hillary Rodham Chamberlain Goes Weak On North Korea

North Korea not only has nuclear weapons now, they can also arm a two-stage missile with a nuke that can hit Hawaii, Alaska and the northwest U.S.

So stated the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency Vice Admiral Lowell E. Jacoby in testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, who also stated that it was unlikely that North Korea would ever relinquish its nuclear weapons program during the six-party talks.

Hillary Rodham Clinton stated that this testimony was "troubling beyond words" and that it was time to end the six-party negotiations and deal directly with North Korea.

Here is one more reason to never vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. The idea of direct bilateral negotiations was originally brought up by John Kerry during the debates, and was roundly criticized for being a weak and capitulationist idea. It is that, and worse.

Dealing directly with North Korea is a very bad idea for many reasons. It would greatly anger our partners in the six-way talks: China, Russia, South Korea and Japan. It would eliminate any leverage that these countries have over North Korea. It would reward North Korea for being intransigent. And there is absolutely no evidence that bilateral talks would achieve any more than the six-party talks have. Clinton's statements here give succor to North Korea, and divides what should be a united front on this issue.

Clinton also said:

We find ourselves in a position now that strikes me as a failed policy with great consequences for the region and the world,” she told Jacoby. “We have been locked into this six-party talk idea for a number of years and all the while we have seen North Korea going about the business of acquiring nuclear weapons and the missile capability to deliver those to the shores of the United States.”
This entire 'failed policy' began with Bill Clinton's grovelling appeasment of North Korea, and ends with Kim Jong-Il reaping the benefits of nuclear blackmail made possible by Madeline Albright and Jimmy Carter. The democrats trained Kim Jong-Il like a dog and taught him that nuclear terrorism gets big results. Have we learned nothing from going spineless in the face of tyranny?

Clinton shows that she does not have the backbone to be a senator, let alone president, if she believes this is a wise strategy. Her statements on this issue are the height of irresponsibility. Do you want a Neville Chamberlain in the White House? Then vote Hillary.

Update: I have thought long and hard about Hillary's idea here. Once in a while, you are confronted with elemental stupidity. Stupidity refined down to its essence. Monumental stupidity. Stupidity that is the standard by which all other stupidities are compared and categorized. This is it, and I nominate it for Stupidest Idea of the Age, New Millenium Edition. Take a bow, Hillary.

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