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Friday, April 29, 2005

The Axis Of Evil Is Alive And Well

Iran has announced that it will resume enriching uranium if a deal is not struck today.

Iran, like North Korea, has learned this nuclear blackmail game very well. So well, in fact, that they are now calling the tune, and telling europe it must dance. And dance is what the craven europeans will do (what, did you think the eurocowards would launch an airstrike to take out Iran's nuclear facilities? That would be so . . . aggressive).

The timing of this announcement is no accident, as the six-party talks over North Korea are also floundering. It seems that Iran and North Korea, the evil partners they are, have learned to play tag team as well.

Are they evil? Well, I don't think Satan is whispering into Kim Jong-Il's ear. But if Iran and North Korea are not 'evil', then nothing is. Have we not been told by our own semi-loyal opposition that 'theocracy' is the most anti-democratic and evil social arrangement there is? Surely it is just as 'evil' when both Iranians and republicans practice it. If you think it is horrible when a government says gays cannot marry, well, it must be REALLY horrible when a government say gays cannot live.

North Korea, for its part, is probably THE most repressive Stalinist regime of all time. They have invented entire new categories of ways to oppress human beings.

Why does Iran need nuclear power or nuclear weapons? They are floating on a sea of oil. They have no enemies on their borders, especially now that the shi'ites are in charge of Iraq. Nuclear weapons will not ensure the mullahs remain in power - the bomb is useless against their own population.

Let me be blunt: Iran wants nuclear weapons to annihilate the jews. Make no mistake, they wish to inflict genocide upon Israel. This is the only possible rationale for their nuclear weapons program. If you do not believe this is evil, you do not believe in evil.

Perhaps, at long last, it is time to stare into the abyss. Time to think through the real 'nuclear option' -nuclear war with Iran and North Korea. Neither government has a right to exist. They are tyrannies: undemocratic, and thus illegitimate. They are not entitled to recognition. They have no rights. We democracies merely tolerate them, hoping that they will reform themselves. Patience is growing thin, this evil only grows stronger. They will acquire longer range missiles, more warheads, and their demands and arrogance will only grow larger.

Would you strangle the baby Hitler in the crib? Perhaps we are witnessing our last chance to do so.

Not saying we should wage war against these nations. Not saying we shouldn't. But we need to confront the worst-case scenarios to be prepared for the future.

Ken Says: I am not some zionist neo-con who thinks U.S. policy should revolve around Israel. Hell, I am not even jewish. But, if you prick them, do they not bleed?

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