/* Am I A Pundit Now?: Huff Doesn't Impress Stephen Green

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Huff Doesn't Impress Stephen Green

The best description of The Huffington Post comes from Stephen Green, "I looked at Huffingtonreportheraldpost today, but I didn't see a blog. What I saw was a mess of screaming headlines (ala Drudge) and snippets of blogposts which I'd have had to take the effort to actually click on to read. Oh, and the design screams "tabloid!" while the hype shouts "blog!" and the content whimpers "I'm being all clever and bloggy, right?"

Yes, it is a salad bar of options, supposed to entice everyone with something tasty. I think Stephen understimates the entertainment and blogging value of vapid celebrity opinions however. This is a godsend - a daily dose of Hollywood dimthink on display for the whole world.

Stephen freely admits that he is writing this venture off too soon. I bet Stephen will be lifting links from it a year from now though, as will I.

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