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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Roberts Strategy

Bush's ideal nominee for the Supreme Court would be an originalist, with a long paper trail on such issues as abortion, affirmative action and property rights.

It is clear that Bush was not going to get this golden nominee. The political waters are too poisoned, and the Democrats would welcome the fundraising avalanche and demagogic windfall that would come with such a nominee.

Bush has come up with a brilliant 'plan B' nominee however. Judge Roberts seems perfectly poised between conservative respectability and 'far-right extremism': palatable enough to moderates, without providing a definite bull's eye to the Left.

Roberts really presents the Democrats with a dilemma. Though they would never admit it, Democrats strategists know that the extremist bickering aimed at Bush is hurting them with the public. It hurts them all the more when such bickering is seen as mindless obstructionism. And yet, their own hard-Left base demands obstructionism for any candidate to the right of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Bush has given them enough rope to hang themselves, while still getting his nominee onto the bench of the Supreme Court. Bush has a great opportunity to further marginalize the Durbins, Shumers and Boxers of the Senate, along with their MoveOn.org svengalis. Moreover, the choice of Roberts seems to be delighting Bush's own base - it is a total win-win.

Makes you wonder: did Rove pick this guy?

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