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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Josh Marshall: Bush = Nixon

I haven't blogged on the revelation of Mark Felt as Deepthroat because everyone else is, so why should I jump in?

Well, I am interested in things like this: people like Josh Marshall trying to paint Bush as Nixon redux. In this vein, Marshall takes on Peggy Noonan for criticising Felt:

I guess, though, we owe Peggy et al. thanks for stipulating for the record that they don't think anything of any consequence was done wrong in Watergate because that provides a helpful context for understanding why they keep carrying the water of this administration, knowing as they do that many of the same things are happening."
What are these many 'same things' that are happening? Waging an unauthorized and illegal war, such as Bill Clinton did against Serbia? Using F.B.I. files to establish an enemies list, such as the Clintons did? Using unauthorized wiretaps, such as Kennedy and Johnson did?

Please Josh, be a little more specific in your allegations. Just throwing out the Bush = Nixon meme might get you far among the Leftists, but more skeptical folks are going to need a bit more information to buy into that one.

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