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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Cheney Chews Up Kim

Vice-President Dick Cheney launched into a verbal attack on Kim Jong-Il, in remarks taped for a 'Larry King Live' show to air tomorrow night.

Cheney called Kim Jong-Il "one of the world's more irresponsible leaders", accused Kim of running a 'police state' and charged that Kim's people are living in "abject poverty and stages of malnutrition."

Easy prediction: the White House will be accused of having a 'failed' policy against North Korea due to bellicose language that causes Kim to lose face.

Save the criticisms. North Korea has been absolutely intransigent about each and every issue surrounding its nuclear arms, and has refused to even talk. Even now they are preparing for a nuclear test. And North Korea is, in fact, a brutal police state that is starving its own people. Is that irresponsible? No, it is in fact psychotic. Cheney merely calling Kim "one of the world's more irresponsible leaders" is a marvellously ironic understatement, almost a compliment compared to the truth.

Kim Jong-Il needs to be smacked on the nose with a rolled up newspaper once in a while - he is not entitled to diplomatic niceties. He will be rewarded with pleasant talk and adulation if and when he does something to actually deserve it. Until that time, he is nothing less than the Hitler of our age. He deserves a cyanide capsule, not airy kisses.

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