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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Huffington Post: Thumbs Up

Kudos to the Huffington Post, which now has comments. Now it feels more like a real blog, instead of the "commands from down high" posture it has without the ability of schmucks like me to heckle back.

I notice that even some of the politicians like John Conyers are now allowing comments.

Good for them, good for us - we need the give and take.

I think HuffPo is a keeper. It has enough substance and serious viewpoints to keep it from being a timewaster, and they are pretty good at headlining interesting and timely news stories (though Drudge still has them beat).

I will be interested to see what the naysayers think a few weeks or months from now. HuffPo is far from perfect, but will people find it useful? I think so.

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