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Monday, May 09, 2005

North Korea To Return To Talks?

As North Korean preparations for a nuclear test continue, the DPRK has rewritten history, saying that it never asked Washington for bilateral talks.

North Korea has stated that it will return to the six-party talks, following its modus operandi of making provocative gestures (such as launching a missile into the Sea of Japan) and then making nice.

Meanwhile, North Korea is filling in a tunnel in the northeast Kilju region, a sign that a nuclear device is now buried deep inside this tunnel. A reviewing stand has also been built at the test site.

The AFP further reports: "A military intelligence official also said on condition of anonymity that Kilju was an unlikely test site as it was a well-populated area in which a large number of residents would likely be exposed to fallout."

If true, this would be a rare demonstration of concern for its own people by this Stalinist state. I doubt it is a part of North Korea's equation here.

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