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Monday, May 23, 2005

Outrage Of The Day

I think allowing the filibuster of judicial nominees might actually have been a better outcome than the hopeless muddle we have now.

Thank you for your service to the Constitution, senators. Now, in addition to the extra filibuster hurdle nominees must now overcome, comes the pre-filibuster 'pledge' stage in which centrists now get an extra say over which nominees get an up-or-down vote.

This is the solution to please everyone that is no solution at all. The fact that all sides (even Frist) are claiming victory should be our first indication that this is a crappy deal. Allowing filibusters at least, would be a bad rule, but it would be a bright-line rule.

Could Frist have actually allowed this to happen, to let him run for president as an aggrieved hardliner, while his co-conspirator John McCain gets to run for president as the darling centrist maverick?

I have absolutely had it with McCain. He is an enemy of the Constitution now in my eyes, having tortured the First Amendment with his campaign finance reform, and now this. McCain yet again amends the Constitution. Everything the man touches wilts into media-whore expediency.

Who will be running against McCain, and where do I mail the check?

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Ken Says: I think perhaps my biggest failing as a human being is that I enjoy being outraged.

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